Conferences, symposia and events

A conference is a means of putting a theme or product into the spotlight. Organising this is a big job.

But don’t  worry. As a professional office it is our job to fulfill your wishes. On a national as well as on an international level the staff of CongresAssociatie Twente is well-informed. This will surely dismiss any doubts you may have.

“So relax and enjoy your congress”.

By events and meetings we understand:

+ Exclusive business presentations
+ Cultural manifestations
+ Expositions
+ Company jubilees
+ Meetings.

In fact everything is possible.
We shall gladly advise and assist you so that your product or theme will make an unforgettable impression.

Perhaps you wish to give a business presentation or there is something to celebrate within your organisation. CongresAssociatie Twente can then also offer the solution. Our office has many years of experience as a business service provider. Our enthusiastic team can see to it that everything is well-organised, down to the smallest detail.   

CongresAssociatie can also carry out a section of your project. Read more in your event custom-made.